Rose colors vary by growing area, time of year, local weather conditions and even climate variations within the same growing area. There are thousands of color variations in almost every hue; surprisingly, there is even some variation of color within the same rose variety. This guide is designed to give you a sampling of many varieties which are popular today. New varieties are introduced each year.

Red roses are symbolic of love and respect.
Red Roses
Many exciting red roses are available from the very dark Cara Mia, a large-flowered Madame Delbard, bright red Kardinal to strawberry red Preference.
Dark Pink Roses
Choose from several shades of dark pink roses from the hot pink Laser to the dark pink Privé and the medium pink variety, Diplomat.

Dark pink roses are symbolic of thankfulness.

Pale Pink roses are symbolic of grace and joy.
Pale Pink Roses
Among the varieties of delicate pink roses are the softly shaded Kalinka, delicately colored Dolores, true pink Vivaldi and the favorite Bridal Pink.
Yellow Roses
Many shades of yellow roses are available from the large blossomed Aalsmeer Gold, medium sized Golden Emblem to the spray rose Rhumba.

Yellow roses are symbolic of joy and friendship.

Orange roses are symbolic of fascination.
Orange Roses
Roses in brilliant orange are a delight to the eye including these…brightly colored Belinda, shocking orange Lambada and apricot hued Pareo.
Pale Peach Roses
Soft peach hues are a delightful color gaining in popularity. Choose the very popular Osiana, the palest peach Champagne or the spray rose Porcelina.

Pale Peach roses are symbolic of modesty.

White roses are symbolic of innocence and secrecy.
White Roses
White roses are a pure and elegant symbol of caring. Try the true white Escimo, the purest white Tineke and an old favorite, Bridal White.
Coral Roses
The coral/peach rose family has several popular varieties including the world favorite Sonia, peach washed Kyria and peach/pink bi-color Harmony.

Coral roses are symbolic of desire.

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